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About Netsuite

NetSuite is a unique, innovative and powerful tool that can help revolutionise your entire business and provide you with the vehicle to achieve much greater and sustained success.

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How We Can Help?

Our modus operandi is one that our NetSuite Consultants tailor to each client and their requirements, whilst maintaining key attributes that help in the success of any projects.

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NetSuite is the industry’s first and only Software-as-a-service (SaaS) business software. Request more information today and see how we can help manage your business processes.

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  • Client Success Story – Xpand

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    Company Profile -- XPAND has equipped more than 20.000 3D cinemas worldwide with own technology; is leading force behind standardization processes in 3D technology; manufactures and OEMs a range of consumer electronics 3D solutions, but also licenses 3D technology to third parties like HP, Philips, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC and countless others. Industry: Visualisations integration industry Offices: Cyprus, Los Angeles, Portland, multiple locations in the EU, Israel and Japan Clients: More than 20,000 3D cinemas worldwide. Licensing 3D technology to clients including HP, Phillips, JVC, Mitsubishi and NEC. Maria Costeira -- CEO of Xpand, discusses what life was like before NetSuite. “Before NetSuite each of our financial entities had its own software, so it was extremely complicated to consolidate. The fact that now all the entities are using the same software (NetSuite) not only is the consolidation process much faster and more efficient but also the day to day real time information is more readily available so it allows global management to make decisions much, much faster than in the past.”. “Aptuss did not force the company to adapt to the software; they took the time to clearly understand the needs of our company and our people.”

  • Client Success Story – WeldPlast

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    Company Profile -- WeldPlast provide a complete portfolio of products specialising in devices for plastic welding and hot-air technology.
    Industry: Distribution, plastic welding equipment Offices: Prague, Zilina, Brno Clients: Over 3000 Marek Zada -- CEO of WeldPlast discusses comparative processes before and after NetSuite, what areas of the business uses NetSuite, why they chose NetSuite as a platform and much more. "I really like NetSuite as a platform and as a solution. NetSuite is one application that fulfils all of our requirements. Aptuss has always been a professional and reliable partner for us, yet there is always a human touch for what they do for us and I definitely appreciated that -- Marek Zada.

  • Client Success Story – Piksel

     piksel - client logo   Company Profile -- Piksel, creates and manages OTT video monetization solutions for some of the global leading media brands such as; BSkyB, Channel 4, Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia, Televisa Mexico, Vodafone and more. Piksel's Rich Faur (Director of Corporate Finance) discusses life before and after NetSuite. "The team at Aptuss is very knowledgeable, they helped us configure our international business requirements and implement best practice throughout the organisation" -- Rich Faur.

  • Client Success Story – Piksel

    piksel - client logo

    Aptuss -- Netsuite ERP Implementation Client Success Story. Piksel's Adam Hynes discusses real business impact of NetSuite ERP on there company.

  • Waegener

    waegener client logo "Our experience with Aptuss is what we would like to describe as a relief. The consultants involved were quick in their responses and picked up a complicated situation during the initial interviews resulting in a flexible solution. For those items which were clearly out of the scope of the CRM module, they were easily resolved by acquiring an additional module for a very reasonable price".

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