About Aptuss and NetSuite Service

  • Question 1:  Why doesn’t your website provide information on NetSuite pricing structure?

    Each NetSuite implementation requires a full understanding of your business requirements before it would be possible to accurately estimate potentially costs (and savings). Because NetSuite is designed for all aspects of any business (CRM, ERP, finance, marketing, etc) and is incredibly customisable, there is a huge scope for variance between implementations and therefore prices.

  • Question 2:  What is the cost of NetSuite?

    There are typically three areas to consider with a new NetSuite purchase:
    • License subscriptions (annual; from less than 100 USD [90 EURO, 60 GBP] per month)
    • Implementation (including configuration, customisation & training)
    • Support (can be short term for post go-live, ad hoc [as required], or annual subscription)

    The cost of all three will vary and are dependent on the specific needs of your business. However, it is important to appreciate that NetSuite is ultimately a cost saving tool.
  • Question 3: How does NetSuite save on costs?

    NetSuite can generate a saving by eliminating costs (i.e. hardware storage and upkeep, data storage and security [including backup and recovery], multiple systems and parallel data upkeep [eliminating potential data conflicts between systems], and more). You must also consider the valuable time all users will be able to save and therefore you can potentially increase your business productivity.
  • Question 4: What guarantees are there regarding the safety of the data?

    The terms of service that you get from NetSuite provides guarantees the safety of your data. The data is hosted by Level 3 Communications in a secure facility in California. It utilises 128 bit domestic and 64 bit international SSL encryption with the added security of different passwords for the system and the database. Please contact us if you would like additional information.
  • Question 5: Are there any guarantees regarding the availability of NetSuite?

    As the only on demand solution provider to have a guarantee on availability, NetSuite also gives you the peace of mind that you want. Stats for 2011 …
    • # Application Requests: 55,382,053,290
    • Average Uptime: 99.98%
    • See the figures in real time here – http://status.netsuite.com/status.html

  • Question 6: What is the maximum number of users possible?

    As your company grows, NetSuite is designed to grow with it. As such, there is no set maximum on the number users … the sky is the limit.
  • Question 7: Upon subscribing, is there going to be a sudden price increase?

    You are protected by the price cap policy which NetSuite employs.
  • Question 8: Is it possible to upgrade at a later date?

    Because all licenses run co-terminus and all systems operate on the same Oracle platform, upgrades are simple and straightforward. Any additional license needs that might be requested would simply be added on a pro-rated basis.
  • Question 9: I have never been involved with the purchase of a system like NetSuite before. What’s involved?

    Subject to all necessary paperwork and documents being drawn up and signatures obtained (when required), a high-level outline of the process flow typically goes in the following order:
    • Identifying the elements desired/required by the client for purchase.
    • Creating a statement of works (SoW) to be carried out and prices.
    • Detailed requirements gathering and creating a business requirements document (BRD) including timelines.
    • Implementation (configuration, customisation, testing).
    • Training (onsite, remote or a combination of both; as agreed in the SoW).
    • Sign-off and go-live.
    • Support (as agreed in the SoW).
  • Question 10: How will I know what type of support I need?

    Your Aptuss rep will go through your post go-live support options with you during the SoW phase so that you can make an informed decision regarding which option is best suited for your business. Go-live can be a crucial period because adopting a new tool, even one that will ultimately be of great benefit, requires a period of adjustment and familiarisation. Aptuss will be there to guide your business through this initial phase and help get you quickly to the point that your business can begin to enjoy the benefits of NetSuite.
  • Question 11: How much time will you spend onsite?

    The amount of time Aptuss employees will spend onsite will be agreed upon in the SoW but during the normal course of things, the need for an onsite presence generally reduces over the duration of an engagement. Generally, our preference is always to be onsite at least during the initial phases of any engagements. However, in certain instances, the use of web-based virtual meetings is often quicker, easier and cheaper for you, our client.
  • Question 12: How long does the process take from start to finish?

    The duration of the timeline has very many variables and would be difficult to estimate prior to SoW phase of the process. However, it is important to take into consideration that the process is collaborative between Aptuss and you, our client. As such, the actual duration of the process is dependent on both sides. Any agreed timeline can be greatly impacted negatively if people, data and time are not provided in a way that will have been agreed upon.

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