NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM, a leading Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution, offers sales automation features that provide users with advanced tools for managing sales, marketing, and building strong customer relations. NetSuite CRM is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that integrates fully with NetSuite ERP and, if required, can be integrated with other third party ERP solutions. NetSuite CRM offers extremely powerful sales automation capabilities that go further than those of competing products because it includes full order taking and management functions in addition to class-leading sales and marketing features.

Why CRM?

All businesses rely on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with their customers. When companies are small, this is relatively easy, but as a company’s client base grows, it becomes difficult to maintain this contact and to understand clients’ needs. Invariably information falls through the cracks, leading to missed business opportunities and the possibility of customer dissatisfaction. CRM provides companies with a means of managing their customers by accessing and collating customer information held in corporate databases, helping sales staff identify potential leads, and providing automated systems that give sales teams the ability to manage their customers.

Who Uses CRM?

CRM is used by almost every conceivable company from small businesses to SMEs, right up to large enterprises. Common threads linking these organisations are a desire to increase sales, to be more efficient in sales and marketing, and an interest in cultivating and maintaining solid customer relations. This includes virtually every company whose business depends on selling goods and services to external customers and illustrates the significance of CRM. It’s especially relevant to organisations that are large enough to employ dedicated sales and marketing staff who can use CRM for marketing campaigns, to identify and qualify potential leads, and to predict future demand for the company’s products.

How Do Companies Use CRM?

Companies use CRM to access customer information stored in corporate databases to enable sales and service staff to obtain a complete and up-to-date picture of a customer’s history and to utilise that information to identify potential sales opportunities. Using these tools, the sales team can schedule meetings, post reminders, and follow-up quotations and sales queries. NetSuite CRM also provides facilities to record all contact between clients and prospective clients, including phone calls, emails, and Internet enquiries. NetSuite’s client Alpha Energy, an Australian renewable energy company, has reported a 20 per cent improvement in productivity, and UK ecommerce retailer UK Home Shopping grew revenues by 100 per cent just one year after their NetSuite CRM went live.

Key Features of NetSuite CRM

NetSuite’s CRM caters for practically every sales and marketing requirement, and here are a few significant features:

  • Sales force automation: NetSuite CRM automates the process of capturing leads and their conversion into opportunities and sales.
  • Sales tracking and order management: As quotations become orders, these quotations are converted into orders in NetSuite for approval. NetSuite provides full visibility of orders so they may be tracked from approval, through to procurement or manufacture, and shipping.
  • Lead management: When prospects are identified, a prospect record keeps track of the lead, background information, and all interactions whether by means of phone, email, or in person.
  • Real time information: All NetSuite data is transacted in real time, there are no batch runs or updates, and users are able to access current, real-time information.
  • SaaS: NetSuite is available as a Software as a Service product through the cloud. This model brings with it many benefits, such as lower overall cost and simpler implementation, and ensures clients are always using the latest software version. It offers myriad benefits over legacy on-premise solutions.
  • Remote Internet access: Access is through the Internet and is available worldwide simply by signing onto the user’s account at NetSuite. Full mobile access is supported.
  • Security: NetSuite’s SaaS solution offers superior levels of data security and extremely high availability that exceeds that which is commonly achieved by on-premise solutions.
  • Dashboards: NetSuite’s user configurable interactive dashboards provide an overview of critical information, detailed reporting, and analytics, and have the ability to allow queries down to transaction level.
  • Integration: All NetSuite modules are written around one central database. This approach facilitates integration with other modules and ensures data integrity and accuracy.

Benefits of NetSuite CRM

NetSuite’s award winning CRM will take your customer relations management to the next level. Some of the benefits of NetSuite CRM include:

  • Fast implementation: On average, clients implement NetSuite CRM in half the time it takes to implement a traditional on-premise CRM solution.
  • Customisation: Clients have a great deal of flexibility with their configuration, yet without affecting the core software so updates and version changes are seamless and easy.
  • Increases sales: Customers who implement NetSuite report increased sales and improved profitability.
  • Sales management: NetSuite’s CRM gives sales and executive management sophisticated tools to manage their functions effectively, grow the business, and prepare realistic sales forecasts.
  • Integrated sales processes: NetSuite CRM is fully integrated with NetSuite’s ERP module to provide management with unparalleled visibility of all sales processes and allows real-time measurement of financial performance.
  • Integration with ecommerce: NetSuite CRM integrates completely with SuiteCommerce to provide multichannel support for B2B and B2C sales.
The next generation of CRM is a merging of CRM and ERP systems.
Zach Nelson