ERP, CRM or eCommerce Solution Implementation

This is a start to finish implementation of your ERP, CRM or eCommerce software solution (i.e. cloud computing / SaaS software). Every step and every requirement is undertaken by Aptuss to the end that you will have a fully functioning system that your staff are trained to use for the betterment of your company. A full implementations should be carried out by fully qualified, experienced consultants with an understanding of the business and technical requirements.

The implementation can be a combination of working onsite and remotely, the nature of the project determines the combination.

Aptuss’s method for a full implementation is to break the full implementation into its constituent stages and have a full understanding and plan for all the stage requirements. The plan can then put into action and the implementation can be carried out successfully.

The implementation of new processes, procedures and work tools can be disruptive if not approached with a clear and concise plan. The addition of new technology will ultimately be advantageous but you should not have to take two steps back in order to take three steps forward. Aptuss believe in an implementation strategy that minimises any disruption to your business while getting you up to speed in a timely fashion. As such, your business can sooner begin to reap the full benefits available. Furthermore, by thinking big but starting small, it means that crucial details are not missed and ultimately, the grand aim can be achieved.

We employ, Analysts, Consultants, and Project Managers at the initiation and planning stage to get a high level understanding of the proposed project and its aims, these are validated by a feasibility study, which covers all aspects from, technical, operational, economical and cultural. The ultimate goal of the stage is to deliver a project management plan that will serve as a foundation for resource acquisition and as a reference to keep the project on track. Project planning is a discipline in its own right and covers a wide spectrum of approaches that can be applied as heavily and as lightly as required.

We help determine areas/processes within the business that can be maintained, improved or removed. With the aid of process maps and workshops we work with users within your organization to deliver a true and conclusive requirements document, with a detailed fit gap analysis.

During the Implementation stage we provide a full spectrum of services and support: technical, functional consultants, system architects, testers and QA engineers, project managers, and PMO administrators.

A full implementation involves the many steps. Any of these steps can also be offered as a service on their own. See services breakdown below for more details.
  • Consulting: We will provide you with the best possible advice to get your business and your business software running in an optimum fashion within a time frame and budget that you would be happy with.
  • Data Migration: Have your data accurately transferred in a secure and timely fashion.
  • Reporting: Your reporting needs will be evaluated and thoroughly met. The training required to maintain and create reports is also available.
  • Security System: Roles can be created or amended so that you can allocate them to your employees safe in the knowledge that everybody can carry out their duties without having unnecessary or potentially harmful system access.
  • Business Process Mapping (BPM): With the help of our business process mapping service, you can improve upon your current way(s) of working and your business can function in a more efficient, cost effective manner.
  • Project Management: Our project managers have the experience and expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently determine all of the implementation needs of a customer and develop a detailed timeline for execution and completion of the project.
  • Testing: Avoid ay nasty surprises and take advantage of our extensive testing experience to ensure that your new business software implementation or latest software release will function as you want and expect it to.
  • Support: Aptuss offers bespoke support services tailored to each individual clients needs: a blend of onsite and remote (telephone, online and email) support is available depending on the requirements of customer.
  • Training: We are able to offer training in a number of different formats to best suit the needs to our customers and their employees. – Certification – Certification is also available for the training provided
  • Integration: The necessity to integrate two or more software systems is all too common but with the correct approach and experience, it need not cause unnecessary disruption and/or cost to your business.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Aptuss can work with you to create bespoke solutions that would allow you to optimise and/or continue a necessary way of working or create a new way of working all together.
  • Compliance:Whether you are an audit agency requiring (certified? and) knowledgeable professionals to carry out a compliance audit or a business seeking to ensure compliance, Aptuss has the people and processes for your business needs.
If you want to discuss your project in detail please feel free to contact us.
A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.
George Patton